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    We like your hair, 

    10-11 inches dark brown with natural waves

    Virgin 9″ – 15″ Red Hair


    Video installation, 2015  

    For this video I reconstructed 3 found Internet images, that where used in adds on webpages where you could sell your own hair. Such as: www.onlinehairaffair.com or hairsellon.com. 

    The triptych video refers to 3 of those woman, that posted pictures of their hair along with an emotional explanation and story. In two of the referred images, the women deliberately disfigured their appearance by photoshopping their faces. One of them said; ‘I am a single mom of a child with a disability. I often have to miss work for therapy sessions. I am selling my hair to help supplement income.’ 

    The video that includes 3 different performances of a single shot, collages all sorts of information that relate to hair, such as; instructional video’s, written words, pictures and sounds, and video's on hair fetishism and hair donation. The stillness and emptiness of the images are translated in disturbing video's where real people are moved and treated as the still images they were taken from