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  1. The voice in the screen,  music video installation 2017

    Super 8/doulbe8/digital film, 2 screens

    This video is an experimental sound and music video, where I approach the practice of music video production as a self-sufficient, reflective and on-going proces.

    'The voice in the screen', is a music video installation, where slides that refer to the history of music video production, are used to superimpose the scenes. A Vitaphone demonstration film, an early sound- film system is used as a starting point. The scenes, are inspired by one the first produced music video's; 'the singing duck' by Gus Visser, where easy trickery and well rehearsed movements remind us of musical shorts or vaudeville.

    In this video, the try-outs, the experimentations with the camera the editing and sounds that are made during the production proces are proposed as the main focus instead. 

    And the theatrical single shot scenes and fragmented audio recordings work as a tool to approach the production of sound and video making as a sketch rather then a polished product.