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  1. One shot one routine, 2017

    This work was made during Experiment on Ice, a collaberation with Stichting Beleef en Herinner, Media Art Festival, De Blokhuispoort and the Elfstedenhal. Artists and figure skaters were brought together in order to define new ways of expression in experimental skating. 

    One shot one routine was made in collaberation with CP Berbee (fine art professional) and Rouel Hollander (Ice hockeyplayer). The routine was based on the principle of a film that only has one shot and a routine that is directed by the frame of the camera and it's position. The skater, being knowledgeable and experienced in ice hockey, tries for the first time figure skating techniques while trying to keep his identity as an ice hockey player. The routine is based on the rougher way he moves and on multiple attempts that are all evident in the amount of frames as shown in the film.