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    Experimental musical, 2017

    The play portrays the social dynamics in a group of musicians and gives an ironic comment on the role of vulnerability in the practice of music. 
    The narrative is constructed around the dynamic between the insecure character named Curly Boy, who is going to sing his first written song as a composer and the other characters of the play. Teacher, Student 1, Other Girl, Blond self assured boy, Insignificant girl and Student 4, are the rest of the cast. All the lines of these characters are read out during the performance by a prompter actor. 
    The stage directions, as written in the initial script, constitute a part of the attributes. These are wooden boards with letters engraved on them, that glow in the dark.
    The Letter Girl is the second performer on stage during the act, she has two roles; first she opens the performance as the narrator and the second is to operate the attributes that are set on the ground, the action happening under black light.

    In this play the traditional notions of theatre are reversed, by giving the stage directions as written in the script a major role, and by giving the prompter the second leading role. The script itself dominates the play as all the names of the characters are spoken out by a jingle before any dialogue starts. 
    The title BLACK OUT refers to the term used by theatre technicians to indicate the end of a performance. The expression describes as well a physical blackout caused by anxiety problems experienced by performers on stage.


    Documentatio: Sabin Garea, Actors; Lisette Heijma, Eros Chien, loretta Moore