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  1. Audition Audition

    Audition Audition researches the specifics in the performative format of auditioning. The script for this performance is based on sound and video recordings that were made during auditions for institutes and commercial companies. The performance discusses the format of auditioning and the power relations of all parties that are present during an audition. The audience will experience this as the performance is focused on the dialogue in between these parties rather than the visuals. The performance will take place in the dark and the stage directions, usually only visible in the script, will be visible as a luminous text that is scrolled by a machine with a peddle that is pressed by one of the performers. The stage directors who are usually in control of the audition are not visible, but their comments are heard by the audience. The audience will experience an audition in a scripted format where the emphasis is put on the absurdity of power relations and the dialogue in between different parties.