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  1. She obtained a Bachelor in Fine Arts at ArtEz in Arnhem in 2014 and a Master in Artistic Research in 2017 on the Royal Academy and Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. As well as a minor in songwriting at Codarts Rotterdam. 

     In her work she combines scriptwriting, object making,  photography, music composition and wordplay in ironic and critical videos, performances and installations.

    Currently she is particularly focused on understanding the media construct developed around the image of the (pop) singer, throughout different periods of time, using different kinds of media. As well, she explores conventions within the practice of talented musicians in the field of theatre.

    With a playful but cynical approach, she tries to pose serious questions on how we experience pop music and internet culture and how it shapes our behaviour and expectations. She discusses how we absorb iconic models without being aware of their constructed formula and how we all strive to be one of them.

    She aims to develop and research unconventional performances that explore the format of the theatre, subverting it's logic.